Twin Flame Truth

Your Twin Flame Isn’t Intentionally “Doing” Anything

November 12, 2021

Do you place blame on your Twin Flame for causing you hardships? Or give them praise for bringing you happiness when they are in your life? Even though this is a common response, host Elle Hari explains that believing the Twin Flame can dictate your emotions is giving them too much credit and ultimately damaging to the relationship.

As you are navigating the relationship between you and your Twin Flame, it can often feel like they are in control of how you feel. As much as their presence can make you feel euphoric, their absence can just as easily feel detrimental. Despite the highs and lows, Elle explains that it isn’t the Twin Flame that is controlling your emotions; it's the push-pull energy. And for this reason, you shouldn’t put pressure on your Twin Flame in any circumstance. The only way you can ever achieve a physical relationship with your Twin Flame is by learning how to balance the push-pull energy. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn how to neutralize the energetic field between you and your Twin Flame so you can experience a journey rooted in love instead of fear. 



• “It is the push-pull energy that is doing everything, not your Twin Flame.” (03:28-03:35)

• “When you balance out your push energy, you're automatically balancing out your Twin Flame’s pull energy because you are the same energetic field.” (04:33-04:37)

• “Your soul can bring you together physically as long as your energetic field is clear.” (05:12-05:19)

• “There is no need to give your Twin Flame so much credit in either direction. They're not making you feel like crap, and they are not making you feel good. They do not have that power over you. No one does, only you have that.” (09:39-09:49)

• “Focus on your energy. Your energy is their energy. If you balance your energy, then you can balance out both of you and you can come together in your cleared energetic fields.” (10:03-10:11)



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