Twin Flame Truth

You Don’t Want the Same Relationship You Once Had With Your Twin Flame

November 26, 2021

Do you ever yearn for the relationship you once had with your Twin Flame? According to host Elle Hari, it's not you that wants that relationship, it's your fear-based energy. In today’s episode, Elle explains why you have to redefine your relationship with your Twin Flame in order to have a physical relationship with them.

According to Elle, it isn’t the relationship or even your Twin Flame that you really desire; it is the feelings you have associated with the Twin Flame. While it may seem like those feelings brought you happiness, Elle explains that those feelings come from your cyclical fear-based energy. The only way you can ever be with your Twin Flame is to shift into alignment with your soul because when you are aligned with yourself, you are aligned with your Twin Flame. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn how to let go of your past desires and align with your soul, so you can create a space of love that is able to unite you with your Twin Flame once and for all.



• “It's not a relationship with your Twin Flame or even your Twin Flame that you want. If you think about it, what you want are the feelings that you felt when you were with your Twin Flame.” (01:58-02:15)

• “You really cannot love anyone, including your Twin Flame, until you love yourself. Because loving yourself is loving your Twin Flame because your Twin Flame is you.” (07:46-07:54)

• “By shifting closer into love energy, you become love, and you become yourself.” (09:10-09:17)

• “You pull your Twin Flame closer into alignment with your soul as you shift closer into alignment with your soul. You are then in the space of love with each other, and the physical relationship can happen.” (11:51-12:04)

• “As long as you keep trying to get back that same relationship you had with your Twin Flame, you're just going to keep going from the highs to the lows, the fake good to the fake bad, the cycle will continue, it will not stop.” (18:08-18:23)

• “You can't possibly be the best you until you are being the true you.” (21:23-21:26)



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