Twin Flame Truth

You Can Never Go Backwards On This Journey

November 5, 2021

Do you ever feel like you are regressing on your Twin Flame Journey? According to host Elle Hari, even though you may sometimes feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back, it is actually impossible to go backward on your journey. 

Since our minds are controlled by our fear-based, push-pull energy, it is natural to view things as linear, including our Twin Flame journey. But according to Elle, nothing is linear because you are always expanding and growing. While we are learning to balance our fear-based energies, it is common to experience extreme highs and lows. Elle explains that the lows are often interpreted as stepping backward, but in reality, that is just you working through your fear-based energy. Once you can simultaneously align your soul and balance your fear-based push energy, you won’t feel the highs and the lows. You will just feel neutral and your Twin Flame journey will feel back on track.

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn more about navigating through the cyclical effects of fear-based energy, so you can embrace every moment along your journey. 



• “By forward, I mean you're constantly, always expanding and growing and progressing.” (03:01-03:10)

• “You can only go forward, you can only grow, you can never go back.” (04:56-05:00)

• “Our minds, which are controlled by our fear-based, push-pull energy, have to think linearly. They think forward is only this way and backward is only that way because there are only two ways you can go one straight line, right? But that's not the way it is.” (05:48-06:10)

• “If you're aligning with your soul and balancing out your fear-based energy, then the highs and the lows of your fear-based energy become more balanced.” (10:45-10:59)



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