Twin Flame Truth

You and Your Twin Flame Are Never Separate

December 10, 2021

Do you ever feel isolated from your Twin Flame? While you may not have a physical relationship with your Twin Flame, host Elle Hari explains that it is impossible to be completely detached. In today’s episode, Elle discusses the idea that you and your Twin Flame are never separate. 

Even though at times you may be unable to touch or see your Twin Flame, Elle explains that your energetic field will always keep you connected. Rather than focusing on physical aspects, it is important to tap into your soul’s energy because it is the strongest force in the universe. When you connect with your soul, you allow yourself to vibrate on the same frequency as your Twin Flame. And for this reason, you can never truly be alone. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn more about the universal law of oneness and how to detach yourself from physical desires, so you can transcend all dimensions and connect you to your Twin Flame. 



• “Your soul transcends space, distance, time and even dimensions.” (05:07-05:13)

• “Anywhere you go, your Twin Flame is going to go. Anything you do, your Twin Flame is going to be there. Why? Because you're in the same exact energetic field.” (06:46-06:53)

• “You're always together because your energetic field transcends all dimensions. So, you're never ever separated.” (07:19-07:29)

• “Everything and everyone is one because we are under the one energetic vibration of love. But each of us has our own unique frequency of that vibration that we share with nothing and no one else in the entire cosmos, except for our Twin Flame.” (11:06-11:23)



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