Twin Flame Truth

Why It’s So Difficult to Be in a Relationship with Anyone Other than Your Twin Flame

August 27, 2021

Does it feel impossible to be in a relationship with someone that isn’t your Twin Flame? If you answered yes, host Elle Hari explains that you are thinking with fear-based energy. By taking this approach, you are actually preventing yourself from developing a relationship with anyone, including your Twin Flame. 

When your soul is ready, you will experience soul recognition, where your soul recognizes itself in a physical form. At this moment, polarities will begin to arise because the physical connection between you and your Twin Flame will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The intrusive desire for a physical relationship with your Twin Flame will prevent you from experiencing a relationship with anyone else, even your Twin Flame. According to Elle Hari, the only way to resolve this is to balance out your energy and find alignment. Only then can you pursue a physical relationship with the person of your choosing.

While you can’t  get over your Twin Flame because your Twin Flame is you, it is not impossible to find love in another person. Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth®  to learn more about finding the balance you need to seek a lasting physical connection with the person of your choice. 



• “At the moment of soul recognition, all of a sudden fear-based energy builds up.” (02:21- 02:27) 

• “You can still choose to be with someone else physically because the Twin Flame Journey isn't about a physical relationship.” (07:11-07:18) 

• “Once you get to the point where you can be with your Twin Flame, guess what? It won't matter if your Twin Flame is there or not, and you could be with someone else if you want to.” (08:48- 08:56)

• “You don’t ever get over your Twin Flame because the Twin Flame is you, and how do you get over yourself? You don’t.” (09:53- 09:58) 



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