Twin Flame Truth

Why He or She is NOT Your Twin Flame

July 16, 2021

Are you hung up on a desire for a physical body in hopes that they are your Twin Flame? While it may come as a surprise, your physical longing indicates that this person is most likely NOT your Twin Flame.

Because we are our souls, our Twin Flame is always with us. Just as our souls are temporarily occupying a physical body during this lifetime, the same can be said for our Twin Flame. Appearances are deceiving, and anything that your Twin Flame’s physical form is saying, thinking or doing is not representative of their true essence. Once you recognize and accept that your Twin Flame is your soul’s vibration and that physical separation is an illusion, your twin flame journey will be radically simplified.

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® for a conversation with Elle Hari about the purest embodiment of your Twin Flame. Learn where you should start on your Twin Flame journey and why pursuing someone’s physical form will always lead you down the wrong path. 


• “You are your soul, who just so happens to be temporarily occupying your renting out the physical shell of your body during this lifetime.” (1:56-2:04)

• “Stop associating your Twin Flame with that physical form, that physical person, and really just understand that that person is not your Twin Flame. What your Twin Flame is is what you are, which is your soul. Your body is not you either.” (3:27-3:44)

• “The personality comes from the mind. It’s a physical thing, it has nothing to do with your soul, and it is not your Twin Flame either. So anything they’re saying, thinking, feeling or doing is not the Twin Flame. It is just part of the physical form of the Twin Flame right now in this lifetime.” (4:46-5:04)

• “We’re never separated from our Twin Flame. Our Twin Flame is always with us.” (7:05-7:09)

• “So, with everyone else in the world, yes, go talk, go flirt, go do whatever physically – that’s perfect. But with the physical form of the Twin Flame, we can’t do that. We just have to use our shared soul energy, which is a frequency, which is vibration, which is what we always are and what we always have with us.” (8:39-8:59)


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