Twin Flame Truth

Twin Flame or Narcissist?

September 10, 2021

How do you know if someone is your Twin Flame versus an unbalanced narcissist? According to host Elle Hari, this is one of the most commonly asked questions about the Twin Flame journey. On today’s episode, Elle explains why labeling your Twin Flame as a narcissist isn’t doing you any good. 

If you feel like your Twin Flame is coming across as unbalanced, that is because you are unbalanced, too. Elle explains that it is easy for us to apply harsh labels to our Twin Flame, while denying these same labels about ourselves. Any personality trait that your Twin Flame is revealing to you is a reflection of yourself, because your Twin Flame is ultimately you. These mirrored attributes are often the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden from others, and it is the duty of your Twin Flame to expose these denied traits as a way to restore balance. 

Elle explains that labeling your Twin Flame isn't beneficial because labels are just words and words are of the physical world. It is important to remember that this is a journey of the soul, not the mind, and focusing on labels will reveal the negative energy that pushes you and your Twin Flame apart. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn how to channel your soul energy, let go of limiting labels, and restore balance between you and your Twin Flame, so you can experience unending love.



• “Any personality or behavioral traits that your Twin Flame is showing you is your Twin Flame reflecting back your pull traits.” (03:50-03:59)

• “The Twin Flame journey is about loving yourself unconditionally, and you can't love something that you don't know. So you have to know all about yourself, especially the denied parts of yourself that you’ve never witnessed.” (06:35-06:49) 

• “It doesn't do any good to call the Twin Flame names. Names are just labels.” (09:17-09:20)

• “Everyone has narcissistic traits because everyone has a push-pull energy inside of them.” (10:28-10:35)

• “No physical energy is anywhere near as powerful as soul energy.” (12:58-13:03)



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