Twin Flame Truth

The Twin Flame Paradox and Unconditional Love

July 30, 2021

Do you find yourself consumed by an obsession with your Twin Flame? Are you constantly wondering when you will be reunited with them physically? According to host Elle Hari, most of our Twin Flame Journeys might begin that way, but they won’t stay that way for long.

While it may seem contradictory, there will be a point along your journey where this constant obsession subsides, and you won’t care if you're with your Twin Flame or not. Elle refers to this as the “meh” stage, and believe it or not, that is the place you want to be! When you transform your energy into a neutral space, you will feel whole and complete. The unyielding desire for anyone or anything else will vanish because everything you need will be inside of you. For the first time in your journey, your soul will be open to receiving your Twin Flame. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn what the Twin Flame paradox and unconditional love have in common and how feeling nonchalant about your twin flame can lead you right to them. 


• “You are not your physical body, your Twin Flame is not their physical body either.” (3:27-3:30) 

• “When you're at that energetic place of ‘meh,’ you feel within you whole, complete. You feel total bliss. You feel peace, you feel contentment.”  (4:12-4:19)

• “That’s the Twin Flame paradox: as soon as you let go of caring and the consuming thoughts of the Twin Flame and all the questions and the wondering and the pain and the depression and the missing them and the yearning for them and the wanting them, as soon as you get energetically past that, that’s when they will be there.” (5:50-6:13)

• “When you don't need or want or yearn for anything from someone else, that’s when you unconditionally love that person.” (6:35-6:42) 


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