Twin Flame Truth

The Twin Flame Journey Is Not About Romance or Sensationalism

December 3, 2021

Do you ever find yourself wishing your relationship with your Twin Flame would be as strong as the love in your favorite romance movie? According to host Elle Hari, this is the biggest misconception everyone has about the Twin Flame journey. In today’s episode, Elle discusses why the Twin Flame journey has nothing to do with romance. 

According to Elle, the sensationalization of romance in our society actually exists to trigger our fear-based energy. While it is possible to have a romantic connection with your Twin Flame, it will not look how it does in the media. Rather than desiring the mushy-gushy, romance-novel type of love, Elle explains that you need to focus on ridding yourself of your fear-based, push-pull energy. Once you can relieve yourself of fear-based energy, you will be able to create a space of love for your Twin Flame because love and fear cannot coexist. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn how to let go of unrealistic expectations and desires, so you can take the next step towards being with your Twin Flame. 



• “Romance is actually a fear-based thing. It has nothing to really do with love.” (03:07-03:10)

• “You can only physically be with your Twin Flame when there's actual love, and actual love means zero fear.” (04:06-04:13)

• “There is only one Twin Flame because the Twin Flame is you.” (05:36-05:39)

• “Everyone has/is a Twin Flame. You're not special for having a Twin Flame or being a Twin Flame.” (07:12-07:18)

• “The first step for anything has to begin with yourself. So that's why the Twin Flame journey is the first step of ascension. The Twin Flame journey is about you because the Twin Flame is you.” (08:51-09:02)



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