Twin Flame Truth

The Biggest Mistakes People Make on a Twin Flame Journey

July 23, 2021

Are there aspects of your life that you feel are preventing you from advancing in your twin flame journey? While there is no such thing as a mistake as you search for your twin flame, there are plenty of things that you might be doing to prolong the process. 

The biggest roadblock that most people face on their journey is not unconditionally loving themselves on a spiritual level. This “mistake” affects one's entire experience and ultimately pushes them farther from ascension. Because love is synonymous with total acceptance, it is critical that you learn to love your soul since your twin flame is your soul’s mirror image. If you cannot love yourself, physically being with your twin flame is impossible. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth®  for a conversation with Elle Hari about the common “mistakes” people make throughout their twin flame journey. Learn how to jumpstart your path to ascension by ridding yourself of your limiting beliefs and centering your journey around self-love. 


• “Nothing with the soul is explainable or makes logical sense to the mind. But then again, it doesn't have to make sense because this is not a journey of the mind, it's a journey of the soul.” (06:24- 06:32) 

• “All pain you feel is caused by a limiting belief in a thought.” (07:30-07:37) 

• “Everyone’s highest good is always, always, ALWAYS to be with their twin flame because everyone’s soul desires itself.” (09:14- 09:22) 


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