Twin Flame Truth

Take Your Power Back And Feel Better Instantly!

October 29, 2021

Do you constantly yearn to rid yourself of negative thoughts and emotions regarding your Twin Flame? Then it’s time to let go of your fear-based energy once and for all. In today’s episode your host, Elle Hari, discusses how to control your emotions and take back your power.

In order to start taking control of your emotions, it is important to understand one basic human truth: only you are responsible for how you feel. Good or bad, Elle explains that nothing outside of yourself can cause you to feel any specific way because our emotions are derived from our thoughts. If you are feeling bad because you are not in a physical relationship with your Twin Flame, it is because you decided that it was bad. You must remember that nothing in the universe is good or bad; it just is. Even though it may be hard to comprehend why you can’t be with your Twin Flame at this very moment, Elle explains that it is because you still need the space to do energetic work. Next time you find yourself down and out about your Twin Flame, take a step back to change your thoughts, and it will change how you feel. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn how to diminish your fear-based energy, feel better instantly, and take back the power of your Twin Flame journey. 



• “No one and nothing outside of you can cause you to feel good or bad. You and you alone cause your own feelings, that's it. You are responsible for your feelings, no one and nothing else.” (01:54-02:13)

• “If you are attributing your feelings to anyone or anything outside of you, then that's playing the victim, and that is giving your power away.” (07:13-07:21)

• “Even if your fear-based addictive energy wants that drug of choice – the physical form of the Twin Flame – and it feels bad that it's not there, you need to understand that it’s not true and it's not a bad thing.” (09:39-09:58)

• “It's perfect that the Twin Flame isn't here right now because you need this space. Your soul and universe is working out this space to move you along your journey.” (10:07-10:19)

• “As soon as you can change your beliefs and thoughts, then you know that you have the power to control exactly how you feel, and no one else does. Then in that instance, you are empowered and you are free.” (12:58-13:11)



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