Twin Flame Truth

Psychics and “Readings” Are Hurting Your Chance To Be With Your Twin Flame

October 15, 2021

Have you ever attempted to reach your Twin Flame through a psychic reading? If so, host Elle Hari suggests you stop wasting your time. While this tactic may work in most other areas of your life, it won’t reveal your Twin Flame. 

The purpose of psychic readings is to dig for information that pertains to the physical world. And because the Twin Flame journey is a journey of the soul, Elle says these types of methods won’t ever work and they may even be harmful. When we attach ourselves to physical things, we trigger our push energies. Once the push energy is activated, Elle explains that our Twin Flames will pull away. The only way to truly reach our Twin Flame is to focus on pulling our push-driven energies inward.

On the Season 2 premiere of Twin Flame Truth®, Elle Hari breaks down why psychic readings won’t work for your Twin Flame journey. Tune in to learn how to tap into your own soul, so you can pull your Twin Flame towards you. 



• “Readings and psychics work and help in every aspect of your life except for the Twin Flame.” (02:56-03:03) 

• “If you're pushing out by focusing on what the Twin Flame is thinking, saying, doing or feeling, that’s just going to make your Twin Flame pull away even more.” (05:16-05:24)

• “Keep your energy pulled in and your Twin Flame won’t pull away from you, and then your Twin Flame can be pulled towards you.” (08:48-08:55)



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