Twin Flame Truth

Nothing in the Physical World Means Anything

December 17, 2021

Do you spend a lot of time obsessing over what your Twin Flame is doing, thinking or feeling? According to host Elle Hari, doing this is allowing your push-energy to get in the way of your success. In today’s episode Elle discusses why nothing in the physical world actually means anything.

Regardless of what it may feel like, whatever your Twin Flame is doing, thinking or feeling is completely irrelevant because it is all related to the physical world. Everything in the physical world is temporary and, therefore, not real. The only thing that is real/permanent is your soul. The only reason this journey feels so overwhelming at times is because you are giving credit to your own fear-based energy’s judgments about what is going on around you Rather than allowing your feelings of anxiety to dictate your life , Elle explains that it is important to just ride it out and go with the flow, knowing that nothing is “bad” or “wrong.” Those are judgments created in our minds based on our own limitations and beliefs. In truth, everything is neutral, and any pain we feel is always caused by resistance to  (or judgment of) what is. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn more about why giving credit to anything of the physical world will slow down your journey and prohibit you from attaining a relationship with your Twin Flame. 



• “When your push-pull energy becomes activated, what happens is that it becomes very sensitive to other energies around you, especially energies in the universe.” (04:27-04:45)

• “Not everyone resonates with every energetic event.” (06:43-06:45)

• “Feel your feelings, do not repress them, and do not believe your thoughts. Any thought that accompanies feelings regarding your Twin Flame, don't judge them.” (08:11-08:21)

• “Whatever your Twin Flame says, thinks, feels or does is irrelevant. The only meaning that it has is what you give it. And that includes anything that comes into your physical world.”  (09:21-09:35)

• “When you judge your Twin Flame and what they're saying, thinking, doing or feeling as either good or bad, then it makes you feel good or bad. But most importantly, it's feeding your push energy.” (10:17-10:30)

• “When you put your focus on the physical form of Twin Flame, what are you doing? You're pushing your Twin Flame away.” (10:37-10:44)



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