Twin Flame Truth

Manifesting, Affirmations & Meditations to Be With Your Twin Flame

September 3, 2021

Have you ever attempted to use manifestation, affirmations or meditation to bring the physical form of your Twin Flame to fruition? If so, host Elle Hari suggests that you put an end to that immediately. While these tactics may work in other areas of your life, they won’t work for your Twin Flame, and they may even backfire.

It is possible to utilize the Law of Attraction to manifest things such as wealth, happiness or health, but you have to remember that all of these things belong to the physical world. Your Twin Flame is your soul; therefore, you cannot approach it in a physical manner. To apply the Law of Attraction to the Twin Flame, Elle explains that you need to access your soul by shifting closer to alignment. When you are aligned with your true soul vibration, you will begin to naturally magnetize things that resonate with your soul, including your Twin Flame. 

In reality, using these strategies just doesn't make any sense. Since your Twin Flame is you, it would be impossible to consciously manifest yourself. If you attempt to do so, you will establish what Elle calls a “perception of duality,” where you act as if you and your Twin Flame are two separate beings. This is not effective and will only cause your Twin Flame to pull further away from you. 

On this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® Elle Hari explains why manifestation, affirmations and meditation are actually harming your Twin Flame journey. Tune in to learn how to tap into your true soul vibration, so you can successfully be with your Twin Flame physically. 



• “Sure, you can manifest more wealth, abundance, happiness, health and other people into your life with no problem. But the Twin Flame cannot be manifested that way.” (02:22-02:37) 

• “In order to have the Law of Attraction work on the soul level, you need to shift closer to alignment with your true soul vibration.” (03:41-03:49) 

• “The one thing, person or situation that resonates totally with your true soul vibration is your Twin Flame.” (04:17-04:24)

• “Where your intention goes, your energy flows.” (05:19-05:22)

• “Anything you can conjure up in your mind is physical, and you can’t get to the Twin Flame through physical means. You have to use your soul.” (06:13-06:25)



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