Twin Flame Truth

How to Stop Negative Feelings

November 19, 2021

Throughout the Twin Flame journey, there will be times where you feel down and out. In today’s episode, host Elle Hari discusses how to stop feeling negative, so you can reunite with your Twin Flame.

According to Elle, whenever we judge things as good or bad, we are allowing our fear-based energy to be in control. Rather than succumbing to negative energy, Elle suggests figuring out what thought is causing you to feel bad and then changing your perspective. Once you understand that everything is meant to be, it will be easier to accept your circumstances and come to a neutral space. When we live without judgement, we can find peace and happiness. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth to learn how to stop negative feelings and trust in your soul, so you can stay on the path that will lead you towards everything you desire. 



• “If you think a thought is bad, you're going to feel bad.”(03:49-03:51)

• “Regarding anything related to our Twin Flame journey, we don’t want to judge our feelings as good or bad.” (05:49-05:57) 

• “Who are any of us to judge anything that we perceive as good or bad? That's not our job or our role. That's just our fear-based energy wanting to do that.” (07:27-07:07:39)

• “If you can figure out and determine what the main thought is that’s causing you to believe something is either good or bad, then you can turn that belief around.” (11:56-12:06)



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