Twin Flame Truth

How Physical Well-Being Impacts The Twin Flame Journey

September 24, 2021

If the Twin Flame journey is a journey of the soul, then what does physical well-being have to do with the process? According to Host Elle Hari, neglecting your physical health will actually inhibit spiritual progress. 

The cornerstone of any spiritual awakening is the ability to be present. During the Twin Flame journey, it is necessary to balance fear-based energies by training yourself to be present, even when times are hard. Elle explains that granting yourself permission to not exist in the past or the future, but rather in the now, will diminish your fear and bring you closer to your truth. 

Ultimately your soul chose to inhibit your body, so caring for your physical being is caring for your soul. Tune into this week's episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn how to increase your sense of self-love so you can enjoy a smooth journey to ascension. 



• “The whole point of awakening to spirituality is having more of a consciousness and awareness of whether or not you’re present.”(10:39-10:48)

• “Fear can’t exist in the present.” 

• “We want to always feel our best physically in order to move along our spiritual paths as smoothly as possible.” (13:50-14:07)

• “In order to advance along our spiritual paths, we must be present.” (14:09-14:12)

• “If you love yourself as a soul, that translates into taking care of yourself as a physical body.” (19:50-19:58)



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