Twin Flame Truth

8 Sneaky Ways Your Push Energy Is Keeping Your Twin Flame Away

December 31, 2021

As we all know, push-energy is the number one enemy to the Twin Flame journey. While it can sometimes be obvious, host Elle Hari explains that fear has sneaky ways of disrupting our peace. In today’s episode, Elle discusses eight ways your push-energy might be keeping you from your Twin Flame. 

Just like any energy, the natural inclination of our push-energy is to continue to grow and expand. If we allow this energy to gain too much control, it will continue to push the Twin Flame further and further away. This is why it’s crucial that we actively work to drive any fear-based energy out of our lives. To do so, we must remember that nothing in the physical world connects us to our Twin Flames. Whether it be thoughts, feelings, emotions, obsessions or desires for a relationship, we cannot concede to aspects of the physical world. Instead, it is important to let go and allow our souls to guide us in the right direction.

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn more about stopping your obsessions and letting go of physical desires, so you can starve out the fear-based energy that is keeping you from your Twin Flame. 



• “Your push-energy is fear-based, it's addictive. And like any energy, its inclination is to grow and to expand, but we don't want this energy to do that. We want to actually starve it out so that it shrinks.” (01:52-02:08) 

• “When you have dreams of your Twin Flame, that is your fear-based push-energy sneaking in a feed while you are not awake and consciously aware of it.” (06:29-06:40)

• “What connects you with your Twin Flame are not physical things. So, feelings, emotions, thoughts are all physical, they are all created in the mind.” (08:20-08:33)

• “Any obsession is fear-based energy.” (13:57-14:00)



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