Twin Flame Truth

Why the Twin Flame Journey Is So Lonely…Until It Isn’t

August 20, 2021

Does your Twin Flame journey often feel like an endless, lonely road? While it is totally normal to feel this way, your host Elle Hari wants you to know the journey won’t be desolate forever. 

According to Elle, the feelings of loneliness we experience during our Twin Flame journeys are rooted in fear-based energy. And, as we know, you cannot connect with your Twin Flame physically until you have converted this fear-based energy into love. To rid yourself of loneliness, you will need to starve out the fear-based energy that resides within you. In order to do so, Elle suggests you avoid oversharing your thoughts about your Twin Flame with others, especially those who have not begun their journey. 

On this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth®,  Elle Hari explains why the Twin Flame journey can feel so isolating. Tune in to learn how to rid yourself of fear-based energy, so you can walk the Twin Flame journey alongside your Twin Flame. 



• “We can't expect people to understand things that we don't understand ourselves and they have never had to deal with.” (05:45- 05:51) 

• “The more we feed our fear-based energy, the more we build fear.” (07:30-07:33)

• “If you want a full physical relationship with your Twin Flame for good, you can’t have fear. Your shared energetic field has to be all love.”  (09:29-09:43) 

• “This can start off as a lonely journey, but that’s only your fear. It is the same fear that is keeping you and your Twin Flame physically separated right now. Stop feeding that fear by trying to talk about it.”  (13:13-13:22) 



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